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Lithuanian design studio primprim has conceptualized popular typefaces as their food counterpart for Vilnius design week 2013. Referencing history, designer, and aesthetic attributes, primprim materialized the fonts times, courier, comic sans, and gothic 821 into a culinary component, then hand-crafted the meal out of paper. Synthesizing the relationship between the senses, “Taste The Font” playfully challenges the notion of type design and its ability to transcend computer graphics into the contemporary art field.

TIMES - traditional as fried eggs

If the times font were to be a flavor, it would taste as a traditional breakfast - fried eggs with bacon! Why? Because times was created (supervised by Stanley Morison and drawn by Victor Lardent) in 1931 for the newspaper the times and for decades every morning tis font was being gulped down by the eyes of the British families while eating fat fried eggs with the pig strips.’

COURIER NEW - corn on the keyboard

If courier new would be a taste we would discover it in a truly simple dish - a sandwich

The reason for such an argument you could find in the history of the font. Courier was designed by Howard ‘Bud’ Kettler in 1955 and it soon became a standard font used throughout the typewriter industry. Later the font was redrawn by Adrian Frutiger and at last the new version - courier new - appeared with windows 3.1. It is hard to even imagine how many times different sandwiches have been eaten by the crazy writers and computerists in a rush, while mayonnaised corns were crumbling on their fingered keyboards. ‘

COMIC SANS - you’ll be as big chef cooking marshmallows, as a cool designer using comic sans.

If comic sans font would be a flavor its sweetness would make our hearts melt. With our tongue and teeth we would feel soft, viscous mass. Who are they, American movie heroes on the wooden sticks the fireplace among the camping friends? Yes, marshmallows! These marshmellowish letters were created in 1944 by American Vinceny Conner in order to imitate the fonts used in the comics for decades.’

GOTHIC 821 CONDENSED - the fast of ‘Vero Cafe’ logo

What font is best for coffee? Soft, bold and smooth letters seem to smell like cappuccino with a rigid milk foam. This is why gothic 821 condensed was chosen for the ‘Vero Cafe’ logo. Puffy forms of the font were designed by Heinz Hoffman in 1990.’

Sculptures Carved from a Single Block of Ice

(by Kim Iverson)

The song “Little Numbers” is the first single of the german duo BOY by Valeska Steiner & Sonja Glass. You can find the song on their Debut Album “Mutual Friends” which was released on Grönland Records in 2011.


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Suzan drummen: kaleidoscopic crystal floor installations

Dutch artist suzan drummen's large-scale floor installations are mesmerizing and complex circular patterns made out of mirrors and brightly colored glass.

I’m so proud to present you some Chinese art.

Liang Yan Shen was born in the 1960s in Beijing and studied art and painting there. Her art is dedicated to birds, flowers and animals and the style is called Gongbi.

 Gongbi (simplified Chinese: 工笔; traditional Chinese: 工筆) is a careful realist technique in Chinese painting, the opposite of the interpretive and freely expressive xieyi (寫意 ‘sketching thoughts’) style.

The name is from the Chinese gong chin meaning ‘tidy’ (meticulous brush craftsmanship). The gongbi technique uses highly detailed brushstrokes that delimits details very precisely and without independent or expressive variation. It is often highly colored and usually depicts figural or narrative subjects.

Source: Wikipedia

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Complexity Graphics by Tatiana Plakhova

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I’m so in love with this song.
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Cass Lowe - Birthmark (Extended Mix)
By Cass Lowe and Aidan O’Brien
Produced by Cass Lowe and Aidan O’Brien
Mixed by Chris Elms
Engineered by Joe Rubel
Art by Daniel Patel

Contemporary techniques to design a unique retail structure that will house a collection of raw timeless jewelry pieces by Boffo 

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